Soundstream PROX4.1, 4.1-Way Electronic Crossover Optimized for Extreme SPL Applications

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High/Tweeter Signal Processing Options:

Variable 1kHz-10kHz High-Pass Crossover

Mid-High Signal Processing Options:

Variable 12dB 550Hz-3kHz High-Pass & 4kHz-20kHz Low-Pass Crossover

Mid-Low Signal Processing Options:

Variable 12dB 50Hz-400Hz High-Pass & 30Hz-5kHz Low-Pass Crossover

Low/Subwoofer Signal Processing Options:

Optional 3-stage 24dB Subsonic Filter
Variable 50Hz-350Hz 12dB Low-Pass Crossover
Dedicated 1800 Phase Inversion Switch
Variable 0-12db 45Hz Bass Boost

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