Soundstream MPQ-7XO, 1/2 DIN Dual Channel Multi-Band Graphic EQ

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Maybe you’ve got an older car stereo system that you want to get more from. Or perhaps you’ve got an all-new setup that you want to get the maximum out of. In either case, Soundstreams MPQ-7XO  (7) bands of equalization that’ll let you fine-tune your sound, along with independent master volume, subwoofer level, and fader controls that’ll maintain your highs and lows in balance.

The MPQ-7XO features RCA inputs, so you can connect it to your aftermarket system. The RCA outputs ensure that your amplifiers will get a clean, powerful signal for maximum performance.

  • 20dB Headroom Switching Power Supply
  • Built-in Low Noise Bi-FET Op-Amps
  • 2 Selectable Balanced RCA Inputs w/ Input Gain
  • Front, Rear, & Subwoofer RCA Outputs
  • Four 18dB Front Bands 125Hz; 500Hz; 3.5kHz; 12kHz
  • Three 18dB Rear Bands 50Hz; 600Hz; 6.3kHz
  • Variable 18dB Bass Boost; 20-70Hz
  • Independent Subwoofer Level Control
  • Selectable Subsonic Filter; 32Hz; 64Hz; 125Hz
  • Fade Control
  • Blue Backlit Control Knobs
  • Frequency Response: 10-100kHz
  • Output Signal Voltage Up To 8V
  • THD: .05%
  • Signal-to-Noise Ratio: 115dB
  • 7″w x 4.25″d x 1.125″h
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