Scosche MAGRKXLI, MagicMount Replacement Plates (Black)

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  • (2) XL MagicPlates for Larger Devices
  • Mounts Larger Devices and Helps Ensure a Secure Hold
  • Clear Double sided Stick Film Allows for Easy Plate Removal
  • Includes: (2) XL MagicPlate, (2) Clear Stick Film, Alcohol Wipes

MagicPlate Placement Options

The MagicMount™ system uses powerful magnets to grip safely and securely to the MagicPlate™ which is a small adhesive metal plate that can be attached very easily to the back of your mobile device. You can choose to apply the adhesive plate directly to your device under the battery cover or to the outside of the case.

ClearFilm 487

Although not required the protective film can be used when placing a MagicPlate™ directly to the back of your smartphone or tablet. The film is designed to assist in plate removal should you decide to do that at some point in the future.


  • iPhone
  • Smart Phone
  • iPod
  • Tablet
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