Scosche LPVO15, 2004-2014 Volvo XC90 W Amplifier & PDC Link+ Interface

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  • The LPVO15 allows you to replace your factory OEM stereo while retaining factory steering wheel controls, if the vehicle is equipped. This interface will maintain the data-controlled +12V accessory output as well as provide navigation outputs for reverse, vehicle speed pulse and park brake.
  • Provides +12V ACC via data-bus interface, analog pulse output for vehicle speed, analog +12V output for variable dash illumination, reverse trigger and ground output for parking brake engagement.
  • Retains park distance control sensors, and steering wheel controls.
  • Includes Chime module to replace safety and warning chimes.

2004-14 Volvo XC90 LINK+ Interface for Fiber Optic AMP, Park Sensor and Steering Wheel Control Retention

LINK+ FIBER SERIES ADVANCED INTERFACES Provide advanced data bus and vehicle systems integration for a seamless installation of an aftermarket stereo into a modern dashboard. LINK+ Interfaces allow extra features such as vehicle menu retention, OEM camera retention, parking sensors and warning chimes as well as also include standard features such as Steering Wheel Control retention, Navigation / Multimedia Radio outputs, and Vehicle Accessory Retention (wherever applicable).

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