Scosche I3AAP, Headphone/Aux Adaptor w/ Pass Through Power For Lightning Devices

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This iPhone 7 and up Lightning charge and headphone adapter allows you to plug your existing headphones directly into your new iPhone through the Lightning port without losing your charging ability. This iPhone 7 Lightning charge and headphone aux adapter enables you to still use your current wired headphones and enjoy an enhanced overall listening experience.

iPhone 7 and up Adapter with Charge Port

We’ve all heard the rumors about Apple removing the headphone jack from the new iPhone 7. Now that we’ve seen that come true we’re all asking “what now?”. Bluetooth is not your only option. With this iPhone 7 aux adapter you can still connect any of your favorite aux in devices like headphones for example to your new iPhone.

Enhanced Audio Quality

A direct connection from Lightning to USB will deliver outstanding sound quality. This cable minimizes any manipulation of the audio signal. Although Bluetooth is not far behind in quality it does still sacrifice some of that quality as it is manipulating the signal while it wirelessly transfers your music.

Keep your Existing Headphones

This Lightning charge and headphone adapter allows you to plug your existing headphones into your new iPhone. It doesn’t just stop at headphones. Grab your aux cable to plug your iPhone into any aux-in device such as speakers home stereo systems car stereo and more! The iPhone 7 aux adapter conveniently features built-in volume and play/pause music controls.

Includes Music Player App

Download the Free Scosche Player and Firmware Update App to Ensure ongoing IOS Compatibility. Note that this app is NOT required to use the adapter.


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