Scosche CPDA2C8-SP, 30W Combo Car Charger Power Delivery 3.0 18W USB-C And 12W USB-A

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  • Delivers incredibly fast charge of up to 70% capacity in about 30 minutes to your USB-C device.
  • The Type-C 12V car charger provides up to 18-Watts of power to fast charge all of today’s latest and greatest USB-PD or standard USB-C devices.
  • Tested and certified to provide a safe, fast charge to your USB-C device.
  • Blue LED indicator lets you know the charger is receiving power to charge device from your vehicles 12V power outlet.
  • Protects against overcharging and overheating for safe use with less powerful devices.
  • Power Delivery devices built with premium quality materials for reliability and durability.
  • Works with all the latest and greatest iPhones, Samsung Galaxy’s, HTC U11/10, Google Pixel, Nintendo Switch, Digital Cameras and most other USB-PD or USB-C devices.

Charge with up to 3X the Power!

Powerful compact convenient and will power your smartphone tablet and more up to 70% capacity in 30 minutes through the single 18W output. Its optimized charging circuitry will not cause harm to less powerful devices.

PowerVolt 18W USB-C ChargerPower Delivery 3.0

PowerVolt™ 18W Certified USB Fast Car Charger Power Delivery 3.0 is the ultimate solution for charging today’s USB Type-C devices which means less time tethered to your charger and more mobility for you. Certified USB Fast Charger Power Delivery 3.0 technology safely charges your compatible devices up to 70% capacity in about 30 minutes.


  • iPhone
  • iPad
  • Tablet
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