Soundstream BXA1-5000D, Bass Xtreme Monoblock Class D Amplifier - 5,000W

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For those who want the most out of their car audio system, quality sound processing is necessary. Bass Xtreme amplifiers offer similar sound processing options by including the functions of a Bass Equalizer. Commonly added in-line before subwoofer amplifiers, Bass Equalizers boost lower frequency harmonics that have been compressed or removed from today’s music recordings. Dial in the exact sound you want by tuning the frequency to expand, then increase the bandwidth range from that frequency to boost the harmonics around it. After some slight adjustments, your system can sound like audio professionals have tuned it. Unlock the best bass from any system with Bass Xtreme amplifiers.

An amplifier’s impedance stability is its ability to continuously power speaker(s) of no less than the given impedance per channel, without the risk of damage. Subwoofers are available in various voice coil configurations and impedances, so be sure yours will be no less than 1-ohm.

Active crossovers built into an amplifier are the most efficient type of crossovers to use in-car audio systems. Active crossovers protect speakers from damage by harmful frequencies and preserve optimum performance.

Connect the low-level (pre-amp) audio output of the car stereo to the amplifier, using good quality twisted pair RCA interconnect cables. The amplifiers pre-amp output daisy-chains the audio signal to multiple amplifiers of complex audio systems.

SWEEP Control
selects the frequency boosted by the equalizer. This is the “center frequency,” which can be as low as 27Hz or 63Hz. Choosing this frequency depends on your taste in music.

WIDTH Control
increases or decreases the bandwidth range, or “Q,” boosting frequencies near the “center frequency.” Narrow Q focuses on harmonics immediately surrounding the center frequency. Wide Q unlocks harmonics all around the center frequency.

lights above the equalizer controls are a visual representation of the boost level. Bright, continuous illumination indicates maximum bass enhancement levels have been reached. Remember, more isn’t necessarily better…

included with this amplifier can be mounted anywhere in the vehicle, but near the driver seat is recommended. The output level of the Bass Equalizer can be controlled, as well as the amp.

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