AudioControl ACR-U, Universal Remote Volume Control

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Universal Remote Level Control

The ACR-U is a universal remote level control that can be inserted into any line-level signal path. The ACR-U can be surface or custom-mounted to add subwoofer level control, zone level control, total system volume control, and more to your audio system. Installation is simple and no power is required.

Included is a half-meter Cat5e cable. Any Cat5e cable up to 300 feet in length may be used. This means the ACR-U Remote can be mounted far from the ACR-U Hub and all RCA connections can remain short, ensuring low noise and excellent signal integrity.

Product Features:

  • Precise and tactile remote level control for any application
  • Add volume control to line-level sources
  • The remote can be mounted up to 300 feet from the hub

Product Specifications:

  • Line-Level Inputs: 1 (2 Channels)
  • Line-Level Outputs: 1 (2 Channels)
  • Performance: Insertion Loss – 0.017 dB
  • Attenuation Range: -97 dB
  • Dimensions - Remote: 1.75” W x 2.0” D x 1.0” H
  • Dimensions - Hub (including RCA jacks): 3.2″W x 2.1″D x 1.0″H
  • Weight: 2.3oz
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